Enabling New Frontiers

by building the data infrastructure for space
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We're initially focused earth observation (EO)

We're partnering with industry leaders in AI, satellites, and space hardware to rebuild the GEOINT EO pipeline from infrastructure to distribution to delivering advanced real-time actionable insight from anywhere and anytime around the world

Odyssey's Vision AI

The AI for Earth data

Vision is the AI that's built making GEOINT EO easy and efficient. An up-to-date AI that can see anything anywhere with context from every relevant data source with historical context

Verticals we're building for:

Supply Chain


Oil and Energy

Urban Development


Defense & National Security

Satellite data as the big-picture ground-truth data source

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Optical Satellite Imagery

in any available resolution

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Multi- and Hyperspectral Satellite Imagery

covering the entire visible spectrum

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SAR Satellite Imagery

that breaks through any weather conditions

Given context by data from the ground

Vision integrates data sources from the ground, the air, partners, and customers, and use that to automatically extract the most accurate and actionable custom insight to address problems in real-time at a global scale

Reaching for the stars

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Orbital Computing Infrastructure

What we're building today is laying down the foundation to a multi-planetary-scale network of orbital supercomputers
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Space-Native AI Tools Builder

Vision is a space-native AI built with the mission to help guide humanity on Earth and beyond it
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The Backbone of a Multi-Planetary Future

and interplanetary industries

Build the future with us!

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